Yolanda R. Mason

About Yolanda

Who is Yolanda Mason



Yolanda Mason was born in Northern BC in 1975 and her nomadic family eventually homesteaded on Quadra Island. Growing up in the forest there was always work to do. Rock picking, gardening, and forest foraging became lifelong pleasures. She entertained herself digging holes, finding wiggly sticks and old bones and playing with Plasticine, scissors and books.

Now she lives in North Vancouver and tries to create a little of her own nature every day.

What I Create


Photography, display design, creative  printing, digital imaging, collage, clay illustration, garden and outdoor design, and salvaged bone sculptures.

About the Bones . . .

Bone dandy



Most of the bones I use have come from a lifetime of living in wild places with a crick in my neck. I spend a lot of time looking at the ground in a way that most people don’t. 

The bones began as just a collection, until a few years ago when I started sticking them together. Because I don’t buy bones, hunt or solicit hunters, or use tools to shape the bones, sometimes it takes months to complete a figure that needs just the right bone. 

If you want to know more about my permits and process, just ask! I spend a lot of time ensuring what I'm doing is beautiful but also legal, ethical and ecological.